The Grand Hall at the Priory can make your special event truly special with these event custom services and décor’ packages:


Specialty Lighting Package:  See the Grand Hall’s architectural jewels in an entirely new light with this specialty lighting package.  The package features 20 LED lights uplighting the Grand Hall’s four main pillars and providing accent lighting along the side walls.  The lights can be adjusted to a variety of colors, creating a warm glow for your special evening.   Rate: $750.00 per event

Birch Tree Package:  With four towering faux birch trees (each in excess of 18 feet tall) and four smaller trees (each approximately 10 feet tall), all infused with tiny white twinkling lights, this package transforms the Grand Hall into a Russian forest in Winter, ala Pasternak or Tolstoy.  In the evening light, the shimmering birches are a sight to behold!  Rate: $750.00 per event  (Please note that this package is not available for events with more than 200 persons; it is subject to availability and is available only from November through March)

Specialty Table Linens and Chair Coverings Package:  Give your event that extra touch of elegance with floor length table linens and matching chair covers.  The linens add sparkle and grace to any event, while a sash in the color you choose presents a striking contrast.  This package adds a truly stunning visual component to any event.  Rate: $5.00 per chair; $15.50 per tablecloth  (Please note that tablecloths are available in black, white and ivory only; chair covers are white or ivory only).

Wedding Cake Package:  Top off your special day with a wedding cake by our own bakery, Priory Fine Pastries.  Our master baker, Darrin McMillen, will whip up a delightful cake to your specifications, with a variety of batters, fillings and frostings.  Rate: $3.50 per slice   (Please note that this rate applies to standard three tier wedding cakes; specialty cakes may be more)

Flashbox™ Package:  The Flashbox is the new rage in wedding and event videography.  Your friends and family deliver personal messages to you at your event at their convenience and at their pace, recorded on a hard drive in the Flashbox device.  The resulting messages, which range from the heartfelt to the hilarious, are sure to entertain.  After the event, Flashbox edits the comments into a sleek, professionally produced DVD that you can keep forever. Rate:  $1,500 - $1,900 per event (Please note that this package requires a separate contract with Flashbox, LLC)

Truffle Place Setting Favors:  Treat your guests to a tasty surprise to whet their appetites – a chocolate truffle in a decorative box, gracing each place setting.  If chocolate is not your cup of tea, you can choose from a variety of truffle flavors!    Rate: $3.50 per truffle.

Ice Sculpture:  Delight your attendees and provide a stunning accompaniment to any seafood or cold hors d’oeuvres display with an ice sculpture.  You can choose from among a wide spectrum of designs to fit your own taste and theme.  The sculpture is tastefully uplit.  Rate: $400 event (Ice Sculpture is for a standard 2’ wide by 4’ high by 1’ deep sculpture; larger or sculptures may be ordered for an additional cost)

Martini Bar:  Take your guests back to a time when ties were thin, Sinatra ruled Vegas, and martinis were cold and dry.  The Grand Hall’s swinging Martini Bar option allows you choose up to three martini types from our list of libations, which will be served at a special bar with a dedicated bartender.  Rate: $10 per person

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